FDA Attorneys You Can Trust


If you are in a business that manufactures food or dietary supplement products you will probably need to hire an FDA attorney available to help make sure that your product complies with FDA and FTC regulations.Some of the things an FDA attorney can help you with include:


If you are putting together a facility that manufactures, processes, packs, or store’s food, drugs, or medical devices anywhere in the U.S.A. You have to be registered with the FDA. If you manufacture drugs and medical devices, you must also list every product with the FDA. Furthermore, FDA regulations state that these registrations and listings must be renewed once a year. By engaging FDA Attorneys you can be sure of professional assistance.

Importation Statement

The Bioterrorism Act states that foreign drug and medical device manufacturers are required by law to file an importation statement with the FDA identifying registration numbers of any importers in the supply chain.

An FDA attorney will make sure that all the registration and importation documents are filed on time and comply with all rules and regulations.

Food & Dietary Supplements

The FDA has strict rules and regulations on all foods distributed in the U.S.A. These rules and regulations help to ensure that foods are safe, contamination free, and correctly labeled. The FDA Attorneys Arrastia-Law conduct regular reviews, checking both labeling and ingredients of their client’s merchandise to ensure that everything comply with the regulations.

If a product requires the use of a particular food additive that is not yet FDA approved, an FDA attorney can help clients obtain that approval.

One other thing that is strictly regulated by the FDA is labeling. The attorneys will ensure that all labels comply with the Nutritional Labeling and Education Act, which includes nutritional content, any health claim, and ensuring that the label is formatted correctly.

Dietary supplements are able to have claims about how they function and what they are made of, but it is against FDA regulations to have any health claims on the packaging. It can sometimes be confusing to know what exactly is a function or structure claim and what is a health claim, your FDA attorney can help you easily understand the differences between them so that you don’t break any FDA rules. They will also file your 30-day structure/function notification with the FDA

Advertising Guidance

Almost any product needs to be advertised well in order for it to sell. The FDA Attorneys are experienced with advertising, and marketing and can help you create an advertising campaign that conforms with FDA rules regarding disclaimers and testimonials. Your FDA attorney will also make sure that there is sufficient evidence to support any advertised claims.

As you can see, the FDA has many different rules and regulations in place, and often requires the filing of many different types of forms. This makes an FDA attorney extremely important for any company that manufactures and sells foods, drugs, and medical supplies.

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