A Comparison Of HTC Smartphones


HTC’s smartphones are some of the best looking and most powerful models on the market, but it does pump out quite a few phones on a regular basis.

If you are confused about HTC’s offerings and need a little clarity, this comparison of their main handsets should be useful.

Range Toppers

At the moment, the HTC One is the most powerful and desirable device offered by this manufacturer, although its name closely resembles that of the One X which was the flagship handset in 2012.

The One is special for a number of reasons, although the most immediate asset is the design. With an alloy chassis that only measures four millimetres at its thinnest point, theOne looks like a true premium handset and puts the plastic-heavy exterior of the Samsung Galaxy S4 to shame.

With a quad core 1.7GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and all the bells and whistles you could ask for, the HTC One is a true next-gen smartphone. It also has a 4.7 inch full HD 1080p display, which allows you to experience levels of detail that you will not have encountered before.

Windows Phone Devices

Whilst the HTC One may be entirely based on Android, HTC also creates handsets for Microsoft’s rival Windows Phone operating system.

There are two main choices in this category at the moment, the most impressive of which is the Windows Phone 8X. It comes with a dual core 1.5GHz processor, a 4.3 inch display and an eight megapixel camera on the back.

For those who want a mid-range option, the Windows Phone 8S is a good choice, as it comes with a 1GHz dual core chip, a four inch display and a five megapixel camera.

The slick, speedy nature of Windows Phone means that you will be able to get the same user experience from either handset.

Bargain Blowers

One of the most appealing low price handsets currently offered by HTC is the Desire C. In fact, you should sell your HTC Wildfire S online, if you have one, and perhaps think of choosing this as a replacement.

With a 3.5 inch touchscreen display and the excellent Beats Audio capabilities found on many modern HTC handsets, it is a great little media device.

A slightly more powerful, yet equally affordable alternative is the HTC One V, which comes with a 1GHz single core processor, half a gig of RAM and a 3.7 inch touchscreen display.

Because HTC goes in for a somewhat confusing approach when naming its smartphones, it is sensible to pay attention when you are picking one for yourself. Use your budget as a guide and make sure that you know exactly what features will be on board before you sign on the dotted line of a contract.

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