Top 4 Quick Ways For How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog


An Online Dream

Creating a blog on a specific niche and earning constant stream of income from it has been a typical dream for many established and novice writers. Furthermore many businessman and marketers are finding blogs alluring and prospective. There are many ins and outs of creating a blog, but nevertheless the only important aspect is creating a dedicated fan following for your blog. If you have a particular niche and a dedicated fan following then that’s all you need for a successful blog and rest of the benefits will follow.

You will have to do make serious inroads into traffic accumulation techniques. And the good news is that it has become a whole lot easier because the social media has completely gone wired.

Now we will examine surefire ways to boost up the traffic to exponential levels with our favorite four techniques.

1.The Facebook Ads

 Facebook has the world at its heels with 850 million users and counting. You can take advantage of it as people use Facebook daily. Visiting Facebook, you can relate to the client’s website focus on his niche is and attributes your findings in conjunction with his website. That is powerful way to get things going.

2. Twitter Search

Along with popularity of face book in all domains, twitter is emerging as a tough competitor. Now it has 465 million users worldwide. And surely you can get your blog promotion from here adding more followers to your profile which will promote the client’s product.


LinkedIn is a huge and luscious platform full of corporate hotshots and ceos crowding the website. It’s a business connection website where one can hire workers for salary and mutual benefits.

LinkedIn has gone through a complete makeover and has currently around 130 million users. You can promote your blog through LinkedIn as many small companies are looking for advertising platforms.

4. Article Marketing

Well article writing isn’t a fast and furious way of gaining popularity but is rather a slow and steady method of building up clientele. You can post articles regularly on ezinearticles, or You can write promotion articles for the client and also provide a link to your blog too. That way everyone wins.

A Side Note

Make it a two way communication process. You should setup a comments section in your blog. That way the users can interact with you and you can answer their queries and comments when you wish to. It will keep a friendly atmosphere with live energy in it. Therefore, more users will feel at home while being at your blog. Also the users can communicate with one another.

Additional Income

You can find many providers for ads and banners to add to your blog and promote them and earn commission out of them.

Creating a blog can surely get your financial woes off the charts with huge income flowing though your account and he audience remains satisfied too.

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