Transform Your Health And Fitness In 2022


If you haven’t made your New Year’s resolution yet, or maybe if you have, make 2013 the year that you transform your lifestyle and get yourself fitter and much more healthy than ever before.

Starting your journey towards a healthier you can be difficult especially with so many different celebrity DVDs showing you just how easy it is to get fit, (yeah right, like they really do those exercises regularly), and all of the celebrity chefs telling us how to make healthy, nutritious and appetizing meals that look so horrible you find yourself in the queue at McDonalds or rummaging around in the drawer for a takeaway menu before they’ve even served the meal they’re making. You then have the difficult issue of choosing just how you want to get fit and it can all become so overwhelming that you give up before you get started. You can also visit this website for more tips about maintaining your body fitness and diet plan.

The first step for many is to try and change their diet. Trying to ditch all the junk food, chocolate, sweets and snacks can be very difficult, especially if you try and go cold turkey and bin the lot. One successful technique, however, is to keep all of the junk food and “treats”, and reward yourself once a day for sticking to your new diet.

This method can be linked to the development of a special dietary planner, documenting what you have for each meal – breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and dinner – and by mixing one “treat” in there at some stage of the day you can still get that amazing tasting (but not so healthy) boost to your health kick. To find out more about the direct technique of nutritional evaluation visit this website:

People tend to fall off the wagon when they ditch the goodies altogether because they spend days eating foods that just don’t appeal to them. For example, if you go from being the sort of person who doesn’t eat salads to only eating fruit and veg each day, you’ll struggle to find meals you like for a few days and you’ll be back in the “naughty cupboard.”

To help, here’s an example of a dietary planner that everyone could stick to and that rewards you for your efforts: Cereal with chopped banana for breakfast, cracker bread with low-fat cream cheese for a mid-morning snack, tuna salad in wholegrain pitta bread for lunch; an orange for an afternoon snack and then chilli con carne for dinner. This day plan gives you all of the essentials you need each day for a healthy and balanced diet without cutting any of the important parts.

Next, you should try to learn the difference between being hungry and “needing to eat.” If you’re the sort of person who is always in the cupboard for a packet of crisps and eating at all times of the day, take the meal planner and assign specific times to each part. This will help you to learn your body’s tolerance of hunger and when you need to eat and you can adapt the times accordingly. This way you’ll soon find that you’re cutting the chocolate bars and crisps from your diet because you’ve not long since eaten, a really easy way of changing your diet. To learn more about how to balance hunger and satiety, visit this website:

Joining the gym is also a great way of boosting your health and fitness, provided that you’re up for the challenge. A lot of people sign up for gym memberships expecting to lose significant amounts of weight in little or no time at all, just by turning up. The truth of the matter is that joining a gym is a long-term commitment both physically and financially. Simple memberships are cheaper than the ones packed with classes and extra perks, but you’re reliant upon your own motivation. In this instance it can pay to go with a friend so that you can push each other to go and do your best, even using it as a form of competition to lose more weight than the other, run further or lift more, whatever your goals are.

Alternatively going to classes can be much more fun, but again are a real challenge. In a room with qualified coaches and instructors as well as other people just like yourself, you can attend beginner, intermediate or expert level classes across a variety of different forms of fitness ranging from the intensity of spinning to the more relaxed yoga and everything in between. A lot of classes are done at high intensity to make sure you sweat out the calories and boost your overall fitness in short, sharp bursts. They’re not for quitters, however, and you’ll need to persist to feel the real benefits – and the burn!

You should also take your general lifestyle into account. If you’re the kind of person who has a job working behind a desk, you’ll find that your general activity is lower than someone who works outdoors. If you combine that with eating packets of crisps or chocolate bars, maybe even cans of carbonated drinks at your desk then you’re likely to compromise your fitness further still. Try going for a walk on break times, or when other people go out for a cigarette, take the opportunity to go for a break – not necessarily with the smokers breathing in their smoke, (that’s definitely a no-no for your fitness plan), but getting the circulation going and your body moving.

Most importantly, however, make sure that your goals are achievable and that you’re willing to give it the time it needs. Fitness plans don’t work overnight, you need to persist with them and change your diet and body a day at a time. Expecting instantaneous results isn’t just unrealistic; it can demotivate you as you’ll find yourself unimpressed that you’re not getting any fitter. Changing your fitness can take months, and then the real challenge starts to stay at a point where you’re happy within yourself having reached the desired weight, level of fitness or having changed your diet. As you lose each little bit of weight or find yourself running further each time or lifting heavier weights, it’ll all seem worth it, just make sure you persist.

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