Dental Hygiene: Why Hydro Flossing Is Important


Brushing alone could not clean your entire mouth; it only cleans in front and behind teeth. One needs other dental tools in order to get a completely clean mouth. Flossing is one of the more common dental tools that can be used in addition to brushing. Brushing and flossing must be done to remove plaque from teeth and avoid gum problems. Flossing could also prevent tartar and save you a trip to the dentist. Another great way to clean your teeth is with the help of hydroflossing.

It is common knowledge that brushing could not entirely protect the teeth. Most people begin to lose some of their teeth when they reach their late twenties. This is due to periodontal diseases and tooth decay brought about by plaque, the bacteria in between teeth. Flossing is even considered by some as more important than brushing because the plaque in between teeth can really cause serious problems.

Gum bleeding is a sign of gum problems, when you floss and your gums excessively bleed you must seriously visit your dentist. This is based on the fact that healthy gums do not have enough blood to bleed during flossing. It is part of the body’s mechanism to send blood to your gums to fight off germs and infection. That is why unhealthy gums bleed. Do not worry about a little blood though, this just means that plaque has already built up on your gums. The bleeding will eventually cease when you continuously floss.

Plaque acts upon the stuck up food particles in between your teeth and produces acid as a by-product of the bacterial metabolism. This causes cavities and gum irritation which eventually leads to gum disease. Gum diseases can ruin your smile. After acquiring it many people would surely not want to show off their gums or teeth again.

Now, if you decide to floss make sure you do it correctly. You may see some people floss side to side but flossing up and down is more effective. It is important that you floss would reach the sulcus, an area of your gums where the teeth are buried. If you do not floss or if you do it wrong the plaque will build up and eventually rot your teeth and gums. Perfect your flossing by consulting a dentist or by watching videos of proper flossing.

Flosses are made from different materials and come in a variety of shapes in order to match the requirements of different teeth structures. Some flosses are made of nylon and others are made of Teflon. The sizes of the floss also vary. Some are made thin to fit the gaps of closely fit teeth while others are flat do clean the largely gapped teeth.

If one has difficulty using floss, there are other dental paraphernalia that could be used such as toothpicks, interproxmal brushes and a dental water jet. Choose whatever works best for you and get a perfectly healthy and germ-free mouth.

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